Recoup Fitness Leg Thermosleeve

The Recoup Thermosleeve feat. BOA® Fit System redefines heat therapy and recovery by combining 360° infrared heat and dialed-in, custom compression into an innovative, single-unit sleeve. To activate the Thermosleeve, turn the battery on, connect to the USB cord, hold the R for 3 seconds, select a temp of low (blue), medium (green), or high (red), and slide over shin, knee, or lower quad. Push down and twist on the BOA Dials to active compression. Twist more for tighter compression or less for less compression for the perfect fit. Release compression by pulling up on the dials. Turn off the battery by pressing the button two times.
  • BOA® Fit System – dial into a fast, effortless, precision fit
  • 2 Hour Battery Life
  • Reduce Sore and Painful Muscles
  • 360° Thermo Compression Coverage
  • 3 Tempature Settings
  • Reusable Heat and Compression