Sidekick Scraping Tool Small Bundle

When you can’t make it to your physical therapist or Chiropractor, the Personal PT bundle from Sidekick is the next best thing! With this bundle, you get our professional-grade Echo muscle scraper, paired with our lower body specialist scraper the Eclipse, a Revive Emollient Spray, and a cleaning cloth all safely stored in our Capsule multi-tool case.

This bundle consists of:

1 x Echo Muscle Scraper

1 x Eclipse Muscle Scraper

1 x Revive Emollient Spray

1 x Cleansing Towel

1 x Capsule Multi-Tool Case

Echo: With the Echo Muscle Reliever by Sidekick, you can enjoy deep, long-lasting muscle relief without the hassle and cost of seeing a professional! Our groundbreaking tool delivers steady relief to your problem areas, increasing blood flow and recovery. Constructed with a unique 6-curvature design, you can effectively target your neck, back, legs, and any muscle in between!

Eclipse: With our incredible Eclipse Muscle Scraper, you can apply as much (or as little) pressure as you need! Designed to fit comfortably in one hand, the Eclipse gives you more control to direct the right amount of pressure exactly where you need it most. Perfect for tight hips & quads, feet, pecs, and more. With the Eclipse,  you’ll no longer suffer through post-workout soreness!

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