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Cocoon Knee Flex Pro


Naturally, Achieve Stronger Knees & Healthier Joints

Instantly Eliminate Knee Pain
Using heat and cold therapy, Cocoon boost your knee health, reverse years of damage and provides instant knee pain relief in just 10 minutes a day.

Support Where You Need It Most
Wear the SAME Cocoon on your knee, elbow, calf or ankle for pain relief in multiple areas. Replace 4 wraps with 1 sleeve that treats it all.

Keeps You Moving Without Pain
Take pressure off your knees with an all-round 360° compression that provides added stability so you can move pain-free all day.

Instantly eliminate knee pain and stiff joints without being stuck to a chair!

  • Relaxing heat & soothing cold therapy
  • 360° compression that doesn’t slip or drip
  • Flexible & easy to wear
  • Move with confidence
  • Get back to pain free living faster


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